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101ToolAdvisor was started to form a contact between the users of different tools in the workshops online.

Here, you get to know about the various tools and how they are used. It will also help the readers to analyze the different types of workshops and gardening tools available.

Our vision is to become a preferred organization throughout the world in terms of tools consultation.

We aim to reach the high-end corporates and the upcoming ones, and train on the advantages of using the different types of tools and how to maintain them.

To accomplish this, our team of experts has put up a list of the important tools and products that we deal with. We have also expounded on the benefits associated with them.

Buying Guides

If you ever thought of buying an air compressor to use in your garage, have you ever thought of the qualities? Are you confused on the one to settle for? 101ToolAdvisor is here to help you solve all your tools and machine issues by providing a list of buying guides. This elaborates on the product description, pros and cons, and the verdict thereof.

The list of buying guides ranges from table saws, pin nailers, tile saws, job site radios, cordless drills among many.

All these are meant to help the users of such tools have a wider picture of them.


How about chainsaws? Are you a woodworker or a family person who wishes to trim your trees and make your home a haven? No need to worry again. With the whole list as you can see below, you will be rest assured that nothing will become a challenge when it comes to choosing any tool for the type of work.

Other tools that we expound on are the air compressors, pin-nailers, and any other tool available in the workshop.


When you are not sure of the type of machine to buy, the best thing to do is to carry out research and compare a number of them.

This will give you an overview of what you are looking for.

For instance, we compare different types of compressors.

We also compare different types of leaf blowers and advising on the competitive edge of each of them.


We also have a list of informative blogs relating to our vision, which describe more of a product.

For instance, looking for the reasons for buying a compressor and not leasing one.

The benefits of choosing old engine oil,  all to make sure that our readers are well conversant with our products.

The traditional methods were boring since you could only learn through practical experience. Most of these tools do not need one to be an expert in using them.

This is why we have budgeted on blogs to teach first time users and people who want enhanced training to go through them.

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