Air Compressor Tools For Your Garage

What size air compressor do I need to paint a car

If you love cars or crafts, you need an air compressor and a wide array of tools. Before getting compatible tools, you need to plan the garage space.

Even if you get excellent tools, a lack of organization will lead to unproductive work. So, fix designated areas for each of the tools. And make sure that the wires, cords, and pipes don’t wind up or interrupt work.

Get yourself a compressor that meets the requirements of the tools you are using. Also, consider the duration of work.

If you have a lot of work to do, then get an air compressor with a higher PSI. It should also have a high capacity tank. But if you have little work, then a small portable one will do. You should call air compressor sales at Able Sales to get the right tanks for you.

Some options for you:

What Can You Do With Air Tools

An air compressor says a lot about a person. Some people have huge ones, and you just know that they are all about mechanics or crafts. Grease monkeys love air tools as they make work efficient and easy.

Furthermore, the tools give you the power to work on almost any project. It could be an art project or the assembly of a machine. Other possibilities include repair or maintenance of vehicles or making furniture. As you see, the possibilities are endless.

You will be able to do a lot of things with air tools. For instance, you can cut through almost any material. Also, you can grind, paint, polish, and sand. And the great thing about it is that cleaning is swift and easy.

We have picked the best tools for your garage. So, upgrade from boring garage to the ultra uber workstation. But before that, you need to know a bit about air compressors.

Air Compressor

Air compressors come in different sizes. Standard cubic feet per minute or SCFM measures size. This expresses how much air is flowing while the compressor is running. And the performance of the air tools depends on their SCFM requirements.

You should get an air compressor that can power all your air tools for long durations. So look into each air tool’s rate of consumption and base your decision on that.

Air compressors come in two forms: single-stage and two-stage compressors. The first kind is small in size and quite loud. Cycling is more frequent, and the price of it is comparatively less.

On the other hand, two-stage compressors are much quieter. They cycle less often than single-stage compressors. Also, it delivers more air at a continuous rate.

Another thing to consider while getting a compressor is the size of the tank. Big tanks can bare more air and facilitate more work. However, they are not portable. Small tanks, on the other hand, are portable, and the compressor kicks on more rapidly.

If you need more capacity you can link up an extra tank by attaching it to a quick disconnect coupling. You can do this with a durable and flexible rubber hose.

Air Lines

You need to design a simple and effective system of air lines. Do so with the knowledge of your garage’s size and the money you have in your budget. Furthermore, consider the frequency of air tool usage.

Also, a great idea would be to sketch the design of the air pipes in a pad. While doing so, imagine yourself moving around the garage. If you see the air pipes coming in the way of your work, organize it differently.

⅜ inch air hoses made of rubber are cheap and easy to keep. You are able to place them differently each time. But if you want a permanent structure, then install iron pipes. To install them, you will need a pipe cutter and reamer. Both options can function side by side if you need it.

You require joints that are airtight, so make sure that you use plumber’s dope or thread seal tape. This way, connections of the hose or pipes stay in place.

Air Tools for Your Garage

When you are buying air tools, spend good money on the handiest tools. As for the other tools, it’s okay if you look for discounted products.

You will find a wide array of air tools in the market. We have picked some of the most popular ones. Your garage will be a wonderland with air tools like these.

Air Gauge and Inflator

With the help of the air gauge and inflator, you can fill flat tires very easily. They cost around ten to forty dollars.

Air Drill

Air drills are powerful tools that you can use to penetrate a hard material. You can bore holes into wood and different metals easily. Don’t apply your strength while boring through hard metals. Look for a good air drill within forty to two hundred dollars.

Orbital sander

The purpose of an orbital sander is smoothing. It does what sandpaper does but much faster and easier. You won’t tire using an orbital sander, so you can do a lot of sanding with it at once. You will have to pay around thirty to one hundred and twenty dollars for an orbital sander.


An air ratchet does what a regular one does but faster. You don’t have to reposition it after each swing. Buy one anywhere between thirty to one hundred and fifty dollars.

Cutoff Wheel

The cutoff wheel cuts through dirty metal with ease. It’s a really handy tool to have in your garage workstation. You will have to pay between twenty to eighty dollars for it.

Paint Sprayer

The air paint sprayer uses air pressure to deliver fine layers of paint on surfaces with ease. It costs around sixty to four hundred and fifty dollars.

Reciprocating Saw

With a reciprocating saw, you can cut through all sorts of material such as plastic, wood, and metal. Prices range from forty dollars to one hundred and thirty dollars.


The air compressor that you pick has to be compatible with the requirements of the air tools you use. It makes work more effective and efficient but most importantly, fun.

When you are installing an air compressor, make sure that the air pipes are organized well. You don’t want them to get into the way of work.

There are many tools that you can use with the help of your air compressor. Some air tools you might want to include are air drills, orbital sanders, ratchets, and paint sprayers. These are just a few from many in the market.

The air tools vary in price. You should invest more in ones frequently used. It’s ok to look for discounts for the ones that you rarely use.

Organize your tools well, and maintain a clean workstation in your garage for optimum productivity.

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