6 Best Air Compressors For Cars

best air compressor for car

Car air compressors are typically multifunctional nowadays and can serve several purposes. Although they are primarily designed to inflate car tires, their makers have modified them to inflate bicycle tires utilizing various levels of pressure, as well as inflatable items such as sports balls, pools, mattresses and a lot. Some function for regular car tires, depending on the strength they can release, while some are also ideal for particular tires. 

Nevertheless, compatibility with truck tires requiring a higher PSI rate is not usual for a lightweight, portable air compressor and hometools.

It is essential to consider a few aspects when doing your research to purchase the best car air compressor.

Here are a few features that a good air compressor for car should have:

  • A compact multi-purpose design features 
  • Work-light or flashlight
  • As many PSI as possible 
  • A long cord
  • Extreme temperature function 
  • Safety features 
  • Precise quality display 

These are just a few of the essential elements you should look for when purchasing a car air compressor. Check the materials as well as the robustness and ease of use.

If you are currently looking for a tire inflator, the 6 product reviews below will be helpful. We picked some of the best-selling products on the market and based on personal experiences and customer feedback, and we highlighted their pros and cons. See them below.

Top 6 best air compressors for cars

Here is the list of 6 best air compressors for car:


This specific model has 140 PSI high max pressure and is one of the best car tire inflator kits available on the market. This package features a 3-foot air hose and a 10-foot power cord with a lighter adapter for the vehicle.

This machine comes with a gage that, given its budget-friendly cost, you would usually see on more expensive air compressors. The total weight of the compressor is less than five pounds. The kit includes two nozzles, a needle for the puck, and a carrying case.

A 3-year limited warranty covers the compressor. For all regular tires below 33 inches and all sorts of inflatable toys, balls or bikes, you could use this super air compressor.


  • Can handle up to 140 PSI
  • Lightweight compact design
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • It can’t handle tires over 33-inch
  • Short air hose
  • Standard work time before you need a break is just 10 minutes


Our next tire inflator is a very budget-friendly model and one of the lightest on our list of 2,15 lbs. The highest pressure that can be managed by this compressor is 150 PSI, which you may never use if you only inflate tires with it.

A compressor is a useful tool of inflated tires because, in 6 minutes, it can inflate a flat tire to 28 PSI. This model also contains a useful detachable lamp and AAA batteries power it or a standard 12V power outlet can be used.

The pressure gage is displaying on the screen, which makes it easy to read the PSI. A needle and a nozzle are included in the kit. A 1-year warranty covers the compressor.


  • High max PSI (150) for this price range
  • Detachable lamp for improved visibility at night


  • It has a design flaw in the screw-on connector makes it difficult to unwind from some tires
  • It hose is usually stiff and not easy to handle


This portable Viair 12V air compressor is an inexpensive item that comes with a compact design and approx. It gives you a maximum pressure of 100 PSI and is a sturdy device that helps with all kinds of inflating tasks. For example, this compressor can be used in a matter of minutes to inflate the tires of a car, an air mattress, and many other inflatable items. This device is extremely light and is fitted with a 12-foot power cable with a 30-Ampere inline fuse and a 5-foot inflation hose.

It weighs only 6.2 pounds and makes it easy for anyone to use with a size of 9.2 x 8.5 x 8 inches. Use your air compressor tire gauge to control the pressure of the tire before it shuts off automatically (which is how you can know when the tires have adequate air). This air compressor is relatively quiet and robust enough to be used on large tires, which is remarkable because it is so lightweight and compact.


  • Lightweight
  • Long cords
  • It has a Carry Bag
  • Has 100 PSI


  • Several customers complain about the clip’s performance


This 12V air compressor is an even better price and is ideal for tire inflation, sports balls, air mattresses, bicycle tires and all forms of inflatable objects. The compact design is visually pleasing; although it is plastic, the construction still looks robust enough. It offers up to 160 PSI and can attach to the cigarette plug of your car.

The compressed air of this system can be used on a variety of devices, including inflatable toys for children, tires for bikes, and more. You don’t have to worry about applying too much air to your chosen item as the compressor will stop when the maximum level is reached.

When the desired air pressure is achieved, it shuts down instantly. Moreover, because of its tire nozzle, needle inflator, and extension nozzle, it is practical, lightweight and easy to use. The maker is giving a 2-year warranty, a significant benefit.


  • It has a visually appealing design’s
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • It possible to connect to the cigarette plug of the car


  • It is not rechargeable


The Porter-Cable Air Compressor is a portable device providing 2.0 SCFM and 90 PSI. It is more expensive than most small air compressors, but it is worth the money because of its construction, design and capabilities. It has an oil-free pump and a capacity of 3.5 gallons.

This brand is meant to last. It has a 120V low-amperage motor, two gages for better visibility, and one quick-connect coupler. It’s incredibly lightweight and comes in red and black so you can tailor it to your taste. This compressor has a noise level of 82 decibels higher than other products. Nonetheless, you can place this compressor on a flat surface that will absorb most of the vibrations to reduce this noise level.


  • Great design
  • Low-amperage engine
  • Sturdily designed
  • Equips with 3.5-gallon tank
  • It has two gauges


  • A bit noisy
  • It is expensive


The Goodyear i8000 is a compact inflator that comes at an affordable price. It has an excellent design and a blue air fuse made of rubber that is easy to store. In less than two minutes, it can inflate P185/R14 from 0 to 28 PSI. It can produce a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. This product comes with a range of adapters that fit most tires and items that are inflatable. It can be wired to a 120V wall plug, unlike most small air compressors. 

This portable air compressor is fitted with a 17-foot air hose and a six-foot power cord, making it easy to use for long distances. The long power cord also ensures that you can easily and safely reach all the tires of your car without shifting and resetting the compressor. It is quieter than most similar products to be sold by the company. That said, the fact that it weighs 8 pounds is more substantial than most.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Fast and powerful
  • It has multiple adapters
  • It has a hand long air hose and power cord
  • Noiseless


  • It is heavier than most similar products

Things to consider while buying air compressor for your car

Provided that each air compress has its advantages and disadvantages. So the main key feature and things to consider when buying an air compressor for car use are listed below. So you can take them into account and weigh them according to your needs and wishes.

Pumping Power

This is the most important feature you will remember because this is the main reason why you are buying it. And make sure it can successfully inflate the air into your vehicle before you buy. There are market-driven infiltrators with capacity ranging from 30 psi to 150 psi. You can choose based on your needs. You need 60 psi for vehicles, and you will need more than 100 psi of pumping power for cars and mini trucks.

Digital gauge vs. Gauge analog.

This is another essential feature to be considered, as well. You get a digital meter with some compressor with others; you will get an analog scale. Modern compressor, however, came with an electronic LCD meter. Digital meters of LCD is easy to read and have better visibility at night. Reading absolute pressure in the analog meter is difficult, but analog gauges are more reliable and won’t be ruined.

Auto Cutting and Presetting

Different compressors are available that would cut auto at target psi or psi per day. This will prevent overexposure. So when desired air is pumped, you won’t have to worry about manually cutting the gas.

Will the socket of the 12v car support it?

They need to be powered by the 12v cigarette socket of the car for a portable compressor. It’s the only way to control your inflator in the event of an emergency on the roadside. While other dual compresses can be operated by a car cigarette socket as well as a 110v outlet plug, and make sure that the 12v car socket has to support your compressed.

Accessories and Optional App

The main accessories and a few small features can be accessed easily. Which you are going to get with the compressor. Like you can use your compress to get different types of nozzles that will help you inflate other things and football, mattress inflate, and many other things.

So other additional features are like in building lights that will give better night visibility and help you to inflate quickly.

What is your car tire’s right air PSI?

For each vehicle, the right air pressure is essential. An over-inflated tire can cause more damage to the tire or even burst. An under-inflated tire hurts the car’s rim as well as cracking and tearing the tire from the side.


We know what you think, how do you know what the perfect tire pressure (psi) should be?

On the driver side doorjamb, almost all the vehicles have a sticker that suggested tire pressure. Nonetheless, you should search your car manual for ideal stress if you don’t get any tag.

Recommended tire pressure is written if you look carefully at the surface of the tire.

Eventually, if you don’t get the details from any of the sources listed above, you can then call your local tire dealer and get an idea from them, or you can contact customer care for your car company. Tell them the model of your car and ask them from the ideal psi.


Your car needs to have the right amount of air pressure; otherwise, it will harm your car tire and durability and affect driving smoothness.

If your car tire leaks or has less air and there are long distances to cover or in the case of emergency on the side of the road. Then your best friend will be a portable air compressor. It will also help you inflate air during your holiday picnic and hiking, however, to inflate rafting boat, inflatable mattress and volleyball.

So after a year of experience and research lasting several hours. We’ve reviewed some of your car’s best air compressors. We have also included a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

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