Features To Look Into When Buying A Best Battery Chainsaw

best battery chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaws are lightweight and portable compared to gas and electric chainsaw. This is the type of chainsaw which is mostly used for home use and is not suitable for professional use. They are ideally suited to prune trees and make trims in your garden. They have less power and speed compared to the corded counterparts. You can use them for small and light jobs. They do not cause pollution and are clean and safe to use.

Features to look for in a chainsaw

1. Voltage

Check the battery capacity before buying a chainsaw. If it has a capacity of 100amp it runs for 100 hours on a single charge. The metric of the battery describes the durability and the hours of use when you choose the battery of higher voltage.

When you choose a battery you must ensure that you are not overcharging it as it can be dangerous. You can estimate the terminal voltage depending on the voltage mentioned on the battery. This lets you know how when to terminal charging the battery.

2. Guide Bar Length

You must know which type of bar length to choose. It comes in two types, cutting length and overall bar length. No matter which specification or the model you choose, this is a feature to look for. Bar length and cutting length are two different parameters. Cutting length is the primary parameter you need to know to determine the bar length which can be calculated to know the full length needs to be cut.

3. Noise

Cordless chainsaws which are battery operated generate less noise and vibration. They can be used to cut hardwood as well but are not as powerful as the corded saw to cut at a depth inside the lumber. Most of the models come with an anti-vibration handle which makes it easy for you to cut through soft as well as hardwood.

4. Size and performance

The performance of the chainsaw depends on the size of the tool. A small size chainsaw with a higher battery ranges a cut quickly through the medium depth of trees and branches. They are faster and easier to cut through with fewer efforts.

5. Easy to use

These types of chainsaws are easy to use. You can carry them anywhere and they are easy to maintain. No matter what size of cordless chainsaw you use, you must always wear the safety gear. A small size chainsaw can cause injuries if you do not wear the safety gear.

6. Number of cuts

The number of cuts per charge depends on the battery and voltage of the chainsaw. Within a single charge, a chainsaw could make 90 cuts. You can look at the metric which specifies the number of cuts per watt-hour they make in a single charge.

7. Cost

There are many budgeted options when it comes to choosing the best battery chainsaw. You can navigate through various features and specifications before buying one. There are many budgeted options which are designed with good features.

8. Type of motor

Cordless chainsaws have a brushless motor which increases the capacity of cutting and cost less. You can choose a brushed or brushless motor when buying a cordless chainsaw. They are easy to maintain and come and are efficient. The brushless motor is more efficient than the brushed motor in a cordless chainsaw.

9. Position of the handle

Cordless chainsaws with rear handles are ideally suitable for groundwork and the one with a front handle for cutting trees and branches. You can choose the one with the handle position depending on the work you want to use the saw for.

10. Choosing the right protective gear

A chainsaw of any size can cause injuries. You need proper safety gear for legs, hands, and head before you use this tool. Wear gloves, a protective helmet, and a leg protector to prevent injuries and sawdust and splinters from entering your skin. You must also wear glasses to protect your eyes from sawdust and chips entering your skin.


These are the features to look into when buying the best battery chainsaw. Choosing a chainsaw with a high voltage battery makes your life easy and lets your cut through variable depths of wood faster. You can use them for pruning your garden if you buy one with a small size.

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