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Best Mini Metal Lathe

Metalworking is a profession that has been around for centuries now. But you cannot compare today’s metalworking experiences to the pasts’. And we have the technology advancement to thank for that. Over time, new equipment and machinery have emerged in the marketplace. This has, in turn, made things a whole lot better and simpler for metalworkers like you and me.

With that in mind, metal lathes are one of these advanced equipments we get to enjoy nowadays. Better yet, they are a must for most, if not all metalworkers. Especially if you are an industrial worker.

Metal lathes we have today are also miles ahead (in terms of advancements) compared to the ones we used in the past. Just like in all other equipment, these improvements have been put in place because of you. In order to make your jobs precise, efficient, and easier.

We even have mini lathes in the market for those who are on a tight budget or need more portable equipment.

Without further delay, let us skip to the next section of the post. Let us look at things to consider when choosing the best mini metal lathe.

Things to consider when choosing the best mini metal lathe.

We will get to the tool’s enumeration in just a minute but I first wanted you to see how you can ensure you pick the best one. This guide will also show you the things I looked for when coming up with this post.

In addition, as a carpenter, the metal lathe you choose now probably won’t be the one you use forever. There is a good chance you’ll need a replacement down the line. This implies that this info will also come in handy at a future date. You’ll already know what to look for and won’t need to go through a similar section again.

So, what are the factors you should consider?

Weight and stability

When you’re working with metals, lighter products are always better. You need a stable machine that comes with a great base. This further ensures you do not bump the appliance and hurt yourself or ruin the work you’ve done.

Most Mini Metal Lathes are heavy aluminum and cast iron. In addition, you’ll find that their weight in the market ranges from 78 pounds to nearly 500 pounds. This allows you to pick the one that matches your needs and preferences

The size of your regular projects

The size of projects you usually undertake is also an important factor you ought to consider. Ask yourself this question before you blow up your cash on the “best” metal lathes.

Modern mini metal lathes have been made quite suitable and versatile for almost all sorts of projects. However, it is pretty obvious that the smallest projects like bangles, door handles, bowls, pens and so on do not need a large machine in your workshop. First, getting a large one will utilize important space you could have used for something else.

Second, the larger one will probably cost more, even though it won’t deliver more compared to if you had bought a smaller one.

That said, if you contemplate on working on larger projects, then your priority ought to change. You should consider acquiring either a full-sized lathe or a medium sized lathe.

Lathe Chuck and Faceplates

Lathe Chucks are normally mounted on the equipment’s adopt jaws and spindle nose. These are the same ones used to hold metal workpieces in place while you’re working on them.

But note that they come in different types. Most proficient metal workers I have come across prefer the four jaws independent lathe chuck. This is mostly because you can adjust the various jaws individually in order to hold metal pieces of different shapes.

That is a consideration I urge you to take into consideration as well.

The tool’s bed length

Typically speaking, the lathe’s bed length of most mini metal lathes range from 760mm to 920mm. and the one you pick will also depend on the sizes of material you usually work with. If you usually work with small pieces of metal, then you won’t need a longer bed. Using a small metal on a larger bed will create vibrations, which are uncomfortable.

Conversely, if you tend to work with larger pieces of metal, then contemplate on getting equipment with a larger bed.

Lathe Bed

Ensure you check the material that has been used to design the lathe bed. In most cases, it should be durable material boasting a flat cast bed and metal bars.

The tool’s stand

If you do not own a bench or stable working site, then contemplate on acquiring a stand that you will use to mount your mini metal lathe.

Now I hope that you know the things you should look at when picking the best mini metal lathe. With those factors in mind, let us skip to the enumeration and look at the best ones in the marketplace right now.

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