Bosch Portable Miter Saw Stand T4B - best miter saw stands

If you would like to work with a sturdy and top quality miter saw stand, I urge you to give Bosch Portable T4B a try. This stand is adjustable. That’s because it was designed using a patented gravity rise system that ensures quick set up and breakdown.

This feature permits you to tackle even the toughest tasks at hand easily. Bosch Portable T4B is also portable so you can easily move with it to different locations. It comes with eight inbuilt pneumatic wheels that aid in transportation.

Regarding capacity, the miter saw stand can hold material of up to 18 feet. This is usually the highest capacity in most, if not all portable saw stands.

Pros and cons of Bosch T4B

  • Portable
  • Easy and quick to set up on site
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Boasts the highest material capacity
  • Weighs almost a hundred pounds
  • A bit pricey