Cutech 40160HC-CT 8

We know that the biggest commercial woodshops require massive jointers, but what about small-scale woodshop owners? Well, if you’re one of these small-scale owners, I haven’t left you out in the cold. In fact, I bring you the best solution for your needs; the Cutech 40160HC-CT from Cutech Tools LLC.

This unit runs on a 1-phase, 120 volts, and 10 AMP motor that powers a-12,000 revolutions per minute cutter head. The cutter head boasts16 2-sided HSS inserts that can cut a maximum cutting width of 6 inches and a cutting depth of 1/8 inches.

The fence is 4.38 inches long whereas the table is 33.5 inches long. In other words, you can cut a lumber that is approx. twice the length of the bed. The fence also offers you stops that extend from 90 degrees to 135 degrees quickly.

Pros and cons of Cutech 40160HC-CT

  • Light aluminum construction
  • Adjustable fence
  • Spiral blades with carbide tips
  • Powerful and fast motor
  • Comes with an Extra-long and extra wide jointer
  • The extensions do not function properly
  • The infeed table is not aligned