Different Types Of Hose and Their Usage

Different Types Of Hose and Their Usage

To most people, a hose or tubing is merely an accessory to carry water or air or any other material from one source place to the destination. But, in reality, a hose is way more than this. In today’s commercial, industrial, and even in residential space, a hose holds a vital place.

From watering in the garden to cleaning vehicles and from air ventilating to fire extinguishing- a hose performs thousands of tasks. And depending on the job they do and material they are built it, experts classify these hoses into a different category.

For users’ convenience, today, we will be discussing the most popular different hose types and their usage.

So, let’s kick-off.

Different Types of Hose and Its Usage

In a constant aim to adjust with the growing needs of industry and residence, hoses have developed dramatically from the initial watering tube to the most advanced oil transmission hose. Hose Advisor, due to its keen interest in the hoses and commitment to the customers, has researched extensively to find the following tubes most useful and widespread.

Garden Hose

Garden hose is the most commonly found hose types worldwide. These are made of flexible yet sturdy material to carry water for gardening purposes. Manufacturers use EPDM, PVC, or flexible rubber to produce these hoses.

Also, garden hoses are lightweight and durable. Moreover, they should be kink and leak-free for superior watering services. Sometimes people call the garden hoses as a water hose, only because of its primary water supplying purpose.

Garden hose is used for:

  1. The primary purpose of the garden hose is to supply water for plants and flowers.
  2. It is also used to clean vehicles, lawns, and patios with adequate water supply.
  3. With a telescopic pool and funnel, you can also use it to clean debris underneath the pool water.
  4. Garden hose can be used to give baths to pets.

Air Hose

It is widely known as pneumatic hose also. Air hose is a hybrid hose built specially to carry and supply high-pressurized air. The tube sends high-pressure air to actuators, faucets, vehicle tires, and other devices as well.

Often time, an air hose is a heavy-duty tube that works under immense burst and working pressure. So, to adapt to high air pressure and work efficiently without bursting or damaging, manufacturers use reinforced PVC, rubber, or other components to construct the inner core. There will be multiple layers inside.

On the contrary, the outermost layer is made of sturdy yet flexible PVC or textile fiber. Some use braided stainless-steel also.

The most common uses of an air hose are-

  1. Air hose is used widely in construction sites, workshops, and the mining industry with air compressors.
  2. You will see air hose in sprayers and spray guns.
  3. Air hose is also an essential component of pneumatic lines.
  4. Blowing machines and vacuums use air hose also.

Food and Beverage Hose

If anyone of you is associated with the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industry, you probably have seen this type of hose. A food and beverage hose is only made for industrial sectors.  These hoses are made with two different materials.

The inner part is made of multiple layers of reinforced and rugged PVC, nylon, or rubber, whereas the outer part consists of stainless steel, textile fiber, or other sturdy material. Since this hose works directly with sensitive products’ they should be oil, chemical, and acid-proof with safety standards for drinking water usage.

You will commonly see a food and beverage hose used for-

  1. Carry and supplying pure drinking water for making medicines, food items, and beverages.
  2. It is also used to infuse and extract water from the primary ingredients of different snacks and other food items.
  3. Juice making companies mostly use this hose for supplying water ad then carry the finished juice products.
  4. Also, carbonated beverage and beer companies use this hose widely.

Dryer Vent Hose

Dryer vent hose, aka, ventilation hose is seen in air ducts, ACs, and other devices. The primary purpose id a dryer vent hose is to ventilate air. It implies that these hoses mainly carry the air from the external area to the home inside and then take away the inside air to the external environment.

It is different from other hoses in sizes and inner diameter. The internal diameter is often enlarged to ventilate air properly and is shorter than the garden or air hose. You will see the usage of dryer vent hoses in the following places

  1. Ventilation hose collects smoke and fumes in an industrial and residential area to keep the interior clean.
  2. Air conditioners also use dryer vent hose.
  3. In workshops, the dryer vent hose is used to collect sawdust and dust to keep the area clean.

Fire Hose

Although there’s a chance to be confused with the name, a fire hose is used to extinguish the fire. It carries a large amount of water or other fire destroying chemicals to put out the fire.

Its one end is enclosed with the water or fire-extinguishing chemical source, and the other end is carried to the place of fire to put out the fire shortly.

Its only use is-

  1. Carrying fire extinguishing chemicals to put out the fire.

Other Hose Types

Apart from these five widespread hose types, the other typical hoses are-

  • Drinking water safe hose: Made from lead and BPA-free material, this hose carries pure drinking water that humans can drink.
  • RV Hose: It is a special hose that RV owners use to supply water in their vehicles for different purposes.


A hose can do a myriad of jobs. Thus, with an increasing number of functions, their variations are also on the increase these days.

Knowing these types and their functions may help you to opt for the appropriate hose for your particular jobs in residential or industrial sectors.

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