How To Install The Automatic Swinging Garage Doors And Automatics For Them

Automatic garage door
Automatic garage door

People begin to use automatic doors to the garage more and more. This is a fairly simple design, which gives great convenience every day.

After all, it is so unpleasant to get out of the car constantly and open the doors. Therefore, automatic equipment for garage doors will make this process much more comfortable.

Today we will tell you how to install automatic garage doors and make them automatic.

After all, you need to choose the right automatics and this is not such a simple question, it will affect not only the durability of the construction but also the quality of its work.

We equip garage doors with automatic devices

According to this source, automatic garage doors with an electric drive are the most popular ones and the installation of automatic drives is a rather complicated task that requires a certain qualification, carefulness and accuracy.

There is a large number of companies that produce automatic garage doors for a long time, and the quality is quite high. Therefore, if you have the required amount, it’s best to purchase an electric drive.

If the installation of the doors is not the most difficult task and it can be done on your own, then the automatics for swing-doors should be equipped taking into account a large number of standards. Installation of automatic garage doors implies the correct choice and installation of the drive. It will provide effective work of the construction.

The installation of swinging automatic doors drive has its own peculiarities when it is taken into account:

  • Using the door bumpers, if the automatics is used without limit switches;
  • The position of the door in relation to the post.

Attention: If you neglect any indicators, this will necessarily lead to the break-away of the brackets from the posts, doors; the electric drive will fail, and other troubles will arise.

  • In addition, automatics has a large number of electric drives and settable work parameters on the board. This reduces the possibility of the correct installation of the mechanism by people who do not have the proper experience.
  • The advantages of this type of construction include versatility, endurance, and durability. The mechanism of such a construction is simple and unpretentious, the doors open at the speed of up to fifteen seconds. The disadvantages include the fact that the presence of obstacles in the direction of movement can lead to the failure of the electric drive and the automatics itself, as a result, the doors will jam. In order to provide the correct work of the automatic equipment for swing-doors and to prevent the failure of the electric drive, it’s necessary to monitor carefully the absence of obstacles in front of the doorway.
  • The best way to omit possible malfunctions is to implement prevention. All parts that need to be lubricated, with a certain periodicity,  you need to lubricate generously on your own. If the automatics refuses to work, then it is not recommended to make efforts to open or close the doors. If a trouble, nevertheless, has occurred, then the repair of the automatic drive should be approached with all responsibility.

Handmade Automatics

If you wish, you can make automatic doors with your own hands.  People who want to save money, or self-learners choose this option. This process can turn out to be quite fascinating and easy if you prepare carefully.

Attention: The main part of the drive, which is installed on the swing-doors, is the mechanism from satellite dishes, which are equipped with a worm gear. It can be used instead of an electric drive.

The drive for swing-doors

Electric sectional garage doors will need to be equipped with a drive. It is quite important for the proper work of the system.

To make the right choice, you need to know the principle of work. Let’s get to know it better.

drive for the doors
We select the drive for the doors


  • The old-style satellite TV systems basically have a rotary mechanism. It is suitable for installation.
  • The worm gear operates on the same principle as the drive.
  • The first option will be more profitable, because voltage of 36V is enough for its work.
  • Drives sold in stores operate on voltage of two hundred and twenty volts. From the point of view of safety, the use of a step-down transformer is also advantageous.
  • During voltage amplification,  the acceleration of doors can be achieved. But a long use will lead to rapid wear of the motor.

Putting up the device

Installation of the electric drive of the garage doors is a rather crucial moment in the work of the entire construction. If this is not done correctly, then the system will not work. The doors will not open or jam while moving.

Putting it up correctly
Putting it up correctly


  • In order to assemble the automatics for swing-doors, you need to take a couple of working drives from the satellite system. You should choose those pieces that are equipped with long rods. Such a unit can be bought at specialized companies at an affordable price, for about fifty dollars.
  • Additionally, a transformer with a capacity of thirty-six – forty V and a remote control will be needed.

Attention: The main task of the remote control is to close and open the doors by transmitting a signal to the electric drive. It can also be used to control garage lighting. This option can be purchased from a company specializing in security services.

  • It can take you from five to six hours to complete the assembly of the drive intended for the doors. To produce high-quality work automatics should be supplemented by the current relay. It will help prevent breakdowns when any object gets under the doors and return them to their original position. The absence of a relay can lead to negative consequences: the motor will overheat, fail, and the doors will be damaged.
  • Thus, quickly enough and without any problems, you can put up a drive for the doors, using minimal financial investment. But if you prefer the factory assembly, then you can save on the installation, which you can make on your own.

How is the installation carried out

Installation of automatic garage doors is not a complicated process and there are many articles about it. The main thing is the installation of automatics for garage doors, because it must control this process completely.

Just do not think that anyone can do this job. You must at least have a concept how the system works.

There can only be one instruction in this question, first you need to study and think everything through. The price of the product can be quite different.

The size of the construction, the cost of materials and engine power will also affect it. Also, the quality of automatics will play a significant role.

Attention: For work, it is better to take components of trusted brands. By purchasing parts from Chinese manufacturers, you risk that the system simply won’t work for a long time.

During installation of the drive for such doors, pay attention to the following points. For example, you need to select the drive based on the directions of opening of the doors: inward or outward.

Preliminary work

Before you start installing automatics on the doors, you need to decide on a set of materials and tools:

  • Hammer;
  • Meter;
  • Screwdriver with various attachments;
  • Pliers;
  • Drill.

Electric drive is exactly the feature that distinguishes simple swing-doors from automatic ones:

  • First, you need to choose which mechanism will be used: lever or linear. To determine the desired type, measurements of the distance between the inner part of the post and the loop should be carried out on your own. If it is not more than one and a half centimeters, then a linear mechanism is required. Such automatics will cost less and look more attractive, because there are no levers.
  • At a distance of one and a half to three centimeters, you will need to make a lever-type system or make niches. Such a drive for swing-doors is in fact as reliable and unpretentious in work as the previous one. After selecting an automatic drive, you should continue to choose components. To do this, we determine the width of the door and take into account wind loads.
  • Many people are afraid to start installing automatic doors on their own, as they lack experience and knowledge. First, make sure that the doors go smoothly. This indicator needs to be controlled, because the doors adjusted and equipped properly should easily open when the drive starts.
  • If this does not happen, then you should understand the reasons. All deficiencies must be corrected immediately, because the electric drive, which is installed on the doors, must move strictly in level, and due to the fact that the post leans, the angle of movement begins to shift, which can have a negative effect on the automatics.
  • After all the defects are removed, you can proceed with installation of the system on the posts. Dimensions for it can be found in the instructions that came with the product. It is better to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions strictly, so that in the future automatics will work like a charm for a long time.

The doors open inward

This is a standard scheme. The electric drive for garage doors will be of great importance here. All drives that are designed for sliding gates will do.

  • If the base is made of steel posts, the linear drive is the best option. It is inexpensive, and also much more compact and reliable. A lever-type device is also suitable.
  • But people choose it rarely due to high prices. It’s worse if the columns are made of brick, and the doors are located between such columns. In this case, you can’t use a linear electric drive.
  • Lever automatics can be placed directly on the post, and levers make it possible to open the doors, which are installed at a distance of up to twenty centimeters from the edge of the post.

Automatics for doors that open outward

Most often, doors open outward. This is where we begin.

  • Both mechanisms are suitable here, but it is still better to give preference to linear one because of its quality and price. It is equipped inside the doorway itself and takes about fifteen cm on each side. If the swing-doors are not too wide, then the system is fixed above.

Attention: It is important to pay special attention to the fasteners of the drive for the doors opening outward, fixed to the post. They are most often fixed  to a partially damaged post or crumbling brick by people themselves.

  • During the construction work, the drive itself may fall off with a part to which it was attached. Such elements must be welded in a circle and further strengthened.
  • After these procedures, a hydraulic drive will be needed and, using welding, you should fix the fasteners to the doors.
  • If it was decided to take a linear electric drive for swing-doors, after welding, having opened the doors completely, you need about one centimeter of free wheeling.
  • Then we proceed to test the movement of the door and the drive, or rather its correctness. If any defects are found, they must be dealt with immediately. After that, we put bumpers for opening and closing, then we connect engines.
  • Jumpers need to be equipped in accordance with the used model of automatics, then connect all remotes and start the system. If any door starts to move in the opposite direction, then the wires on the engine need to be interchanged, which helps to solve all problems. Then, in accordance with all the rules, we equip automatics with limit switches.
  • If such details are not part of the original plan, then the closing force and the door operation are indicated on the board. In this case, the drive will not receive extra loads. You mustn’t set the greatest effort, as the mechanism can reduce its useful life significantly. It is better to set the smallest working one, as a result of which the doors can open outward in a normal mode.
  • The next step is to fix a photo device and a signal lamp, which cannot be installed until all indicators are fully adjusted.
  • A typical difficulty for people who have decided to make the opening mechanism by their own efforts is the lack of proper experience. For this reason, such an installation leads to a large number of errors and therefore the doors automatics refuses to work, and the electric drives fail.

Attention: Identifying the reasons becomes a difficult task in the future. For this reason, it is so important to follow all the steps and in this case, it will be possible to find the error and eliminate it.

Having installed automatic swing-doors for the garage, you will certainly feel the convenience of getting onto the territory of your home or driving your “iron friend” into the garage. In this case, you do not have to get out of the car in nasty weather and open the cold doors yourself, fight with icing on them and run into other troubles.

With proper installation, you will like the electric garage doors.

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