How To Make A Generator Quiet?

how to make a generator quiet

A gadget that is used for converting motive power into electrical power to use in an external circuit is known as the generator. It’s a very common and efficient device for this generation. It has become an essential part of many people’s daily life. And in this disastrous era, a generator is an indispensable instrument.

However, a generator is a very loud device that makes a huge noise. So day by day as the usage of the generator is enlarging, the question from the users is also hitting a good number that “how to make a generator quiet?” So let’s find the answer. Besides, if you want to know more, please go to generatorgeek blog where we’ve discussed every possible aspect.

Why do generators make noise?

It’s important to grasp the reason why generators make this much noise and to find out the ways to prevent it or better say make the noise less effective. It’s simple that a generator creates electricity from the motive energy. And the motive energy comes from movement/motion.

There are a few types of generators. But it doesn’t matter which type it is, generators will always make noises in a few more or less volumes. This is because of the working process of a generator.

There is a wire near the magnetic field which moves continuously and the movement directs the flow of electricity. And the engine runs because of it. It’s basic that a running engine (motor actually) creates vibration. And metallic vibration creates noise. Also, the exhaust pipes make so much noise, while eradicating the air (carbon monoxide).

And if the surface where the generator is kept is solid then it simply makes more noise (usually most of the generators are kept in a solid surface). So mainly, this is why a generator is loud while processing electrical energy. 

How to make a generator quiet?

Well, the most effective way to make the generator totally quiet is to turn it off. But that is certainly not the way you are looking for. Jokes apart, there are some strategies to make the generator generate less noise. Let’s elaborate on how to make a generator quiet with the following steps.

If you want to customize your device to make it less noisy then here are some ways you can follow.

1. Installing a muffler

As we have known before the exhaust pipes make most of the noises. So if you install a high-quality muffler on the exhaust pipe, it’ll produce a muffling sound instead of that noisy loud sound.

The muffling sound is way less effective than the loud sound. You can buy a muffler for your generator from any store. And you can also use an ordinary car muffler. The working process has not too much difference. I think it can be an impressive strategy.

2. Moving the venting pipe to a vertical position

One of the most effective reasons for making so loud noise from the venting/exhaust pipe is to keep it horizontal.

If you set your venting pipe in a vertical position then it’ll surely make less sound. This process can be also good if you want to have a little bit less noise from your generator.

3. The water bucket strategy

Talking about electric devices, the water doesn’t sound like a good idea, right? But it is indeed. Because of the reason that water can be very effective in reducing the noise. And the method is also simple. You just have to get a bucket filled with water.

Then you have to dip the very end of the venting pipe so that it could blow the air coming out of the generator into the water. The exhaust sound would be suppressed by water. N.B: while applying this method you have to be very careful to ensure that the water is not traveling through the exhaust pipe.

4. Turn the quantity of the output down

 The noise of the engine is also affected by the amount of the output (electrical energy) generated by the generator. So you can curb the noise by reducing the amount of power it generates. But if you are not so good at engine work then I won’t recommend you to do it alone. Call your service provider or any expert.

If you don’t want to customize your device or you cannot customize your generator due to any reason, not a problem, you still can solve the problem of too much noise. Here are some ways initiatives you can follow to make the sound less effective by solving some issues of the external side of the generator. 

5. Building an enclosure

The first thing that comes to mind thinking about making a generator quiet is to put it in a soundproof box or cage. Guess what, this is certainly a possible way to make a generator creating less noise.

You can make a box-sized box by putting your generator in the box. The materials for that box has to be soundproof (you can normally use plywood for that). And then you have to install vending ducts for air circulation in the box.

It is too essential to keep in mind that the ventilation system must be totally working. Following this method, the noise won’t be totally gone but it’ll be much less effective.

6. Establishing sound deflectors

Installing sound deflectors can also be an impressive way to solve sound issues. A sound deflector can change the direction of the sound waves coming towards.

So if you install a sound deflector at where you live or where you don’t want noises it can be really helpful. But remember the sound deflector has to be installed in the path/direction of the generator from which the noise is coming. This way can also be effective.

7. Setting your generator on a rubber platform

As we acknowledged before the vibration of the causes more noise because of a solid platform. So if you install a rubber platform to control the vibration (as we know the rubber can be very effective controlling vibrations) it can definitely help to control the volume.

The rubber surface would absorb the vibration rather than the earth. It is best to set an ‘anti-vibration’ mat. Also, you can use some soft but elastic materials like an old blanket or cloth. 

8. Placing it far from you

It’s so simple that the far the source of the sound will remain, the less the noise will reach anyone. If you set your generator far from you then the volume of the sound will depend on how far it is. It can also be a good way.

9. Calling your service provider

If you think there are some sort of abnormal noises coming out of your generator’s motor which shouldn’t be that way. Then without any further delay, call your service provider. If the problem is not so quantifiable then it can be fixed by you.

So these are the procedures you can take to make your generator quiet. You can apply those processes step by step. It’s better to have an assistant with you who’ll help you in different matters.


During this era, the generator is playing a precious role in every person’s life directly or indirectly. Especially in factory work, the usage of generators has no competitor. But the louder noise seems to be pathetic.

However, now you know how to make a generator quiet, and you can use your generator noiselessly or with a very little noise, applying those measures. It won’t be a distraction for your mind along with not generating any noise pollution anymore.

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