How To Use A Gas Pole Saw? Easy Tips that Work GREAT In 2020

How To Use A Gas Pole Saw

Cutting down those dead and out of the shape branches will make sure an even shaped growth of the tree.

But the problem is pruning and trimming a tree is quite a hard work to do.

So you will need a lot more firepower under your belt, like getting a gas pole saw! I know some of you might already have panic attacks, but they are not as dangerous as they might seem.

So how to use a gas pole saw?

We’ll go no further as we will discuss it in detail right here!

How To Use A Gas Pole Saw?

If you take care of all safety concerns, gas pole saws can be an incredibly handy power tool to have. It can provide some serious pruning for your yard.

Here is how ridiculously simple it is to use:

Restrict people into the area you are working in!

Yes, you have to clear the area and restrict people from coming, especially the young ones. Gas pole saws can draw an audience as they are quite noisy, and young people tend to find it quite fascinating. But you got to keep people and pets clear of your work area to their safety and yours as well.

Stand in an angle!

Make sure to stand at an angle to the limb you’re working on because you can not predict where these limbs are going to fall or which direction they intend to fall off. So it is better to be cautious and give those branches a clear path to the ground.

Press the chain oil cap frequently!

It might not make that much sense if you are starting. But doing so in every ten to thirty seconds while cutting the tree limbs makes it easier to cut as it lubricates your chain. It is also quite useful for extending the lifespan of your equipment

Make sure you’ve got a firm grip!

Having a firm grip and standing in a stable position is quite important for your safety.  Because if you haven’t got yourself into a stable position with a firm grip, losing even a second control over the pole saw might be quite deadly.

Keep your arms on a waist level!

It is better than never raising your arms over your head and keep them at a waist level. It lets you have a much cleaner stroke, and you can also stop the saw anytime if an emergency arrives.

Gas Pole Saw Cutting Techniques for Beginners

These Pole saw cutting techniques might seem quite offensive for the experienced gardeners. But, you have to start somewhere folks!

  • Select specifically where to cut and which trees you want to cut.
  • Position yourself opposite of the limbs you want to cut.
  • It is better to start right from the very top of the branch.
  • Press against the limb with steady but light pressure. There is no need to force it.
  • Never work anywhere near to the power lines if you want to avoid injuring yourself badly.
  • Larger pole saws get tiring to work pretty fast. So do not go with tall pole saws as it will exhaust you out of energy.


How do you start a gas pole saw?

It may vary model to model, but in most cases, to start a gas pole saw, simply up a press and hold the throttle lockout and squeeze and hold the throttle control.

How thick can a pole saw cut?

A powerful pole saw like the gas pole saws can easily cut off branches that are a couple of inches thick, anywhere between 4 to 6 inches.

How far can a pole saw reach?

It will depend on the length of the telescopic wand on the pole saw, or gas pole saw you are using. But typically it varies between.

How to use an electric pole saw?

Well, first of all, be sure that you can hold and control the saw’s weight comfortably. If you don’t know how to handle it, it can end up being quite a dangerous situation.

Also, keep in mind that the same tips we described below works more or less the same for all the pole saws, be it manual pole saw, gas, or electric.


Have you decided that you need to give those menacing looking limbs and branches of the trees in your yard a heavy pruning?

It is never easy to cut down all those overgrown branches, but it is a necessary chore nevertheless. Also, knowing how to use a gas pole saw is the smartest decision you can make. Because once you have tried it a few times and get over with the anxiety, you will find it quite simple yet the most effective way to prune trees.

But here is something you should keep in mind. The saw may slip, but it’s quite normal. So, when it slips, try to reposition it and continue stoking.  And last one but not least, be careful about bits and pieces of tree limbs as they might hit you.

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