How To Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick Welding – Easy Steps To Try Yourself

How To Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick Welding

An exhaust pipe is an essential pipe that helps the gases to depart from the engine of the car. It’s a very common thing to encounter with scrapping in the exhaust pipe frequently. We often experience leakage in our vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Once the pipe is malfunctioned, you’ve no other option left other than changing it. Some people might want to fix a broken exhaust pipe, but fixing it doesn’t give you the safety on a high notch.

Another solution is to weld an exhaust pipe with stick welding. It will save your money comparing to install a new exhaust pipe.

Is It Possible To Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick? – Step By Step Guideline

It’s not compulsory to rush to a car workshop whenever your exhaust pipe is damaged. You can fix it by yourself simply following some basic welding process. All you need to how to weld with a stick properly.

Only the basic knowledge of welding and a welder in your hand is all you need to fix an exhaust pipe. Since you need to work with stick welding to handle exhaust pipe, you should get a budget MIG welder.

Because the welder machine won’t be used frequently. As you’re only going to use this occasionally, so you don’t need to spend on an expensive welder.

Many MIG welders come with TIG and Stick flexibility.

Does Your Exhaust Car Need Welding Repairment Or Replacement?

It’s not every time your leaked or broken exhaust pipe needs welding. Sometimes, it needs replacement with a new one.

So, how to know if the exhaust pipe needs replacement or welding?

The welding on the exhaust pipe doesn’t make you pay a lot of money. It saves your money while you don’t need to hit the workshop for repairing or getting a new one.

Though there are other ways to fix an exhaust pipe the welding on the car exhaust system is worthy. Welding offers you a reliable long-lasting pipe effectivity which will decrease your cost on the exhaust pipe and keep you away from the extra hassle of changing or repairing it too often.

So, make sure before you give all the effort to weld exhaust pipes if the pipe is capable of welding or not. If the damage is too deep to weld and repair, then you shouldn’t think about the welding. You can only apply to weld while the rust is very minimal and able to fill the damage by welding.

If you see the damage is beyond repair, you must go for buying a new one.

Whenever you’re going to do any welding-related work, you must have the safety features to protect your eyes and face.

Things That You Need:

  • Safety Measures like goggles, gloves, apron, and a helmet
  • Circular chain or hacksaw
  • Exhaust pipe
  • C-clams 
  • Welder
  • Grinder

The Four Easy Steps To Weld Exhaust Pipe:

We are not going to make it very complex. The exhaust pipe welding is not as hard as it seems to you now.

Let’s follow the four easy steps and weld exhaust pipe properly.

1. Cut The Exhaust Pipe

The initial step is to cut the exhaust pipe. It’s very important to cut the exhaust pipe in the right measurement. If you want to fit the pipe to another pipe, the measurement must be accurate. Thus, it depends on how the pipe will look when you’re done with welding. 

So, measure the pipe accordingly and cut it into the right size. You can use hacksaw or chainsaw to cut the pipe precisely.

Just make sure, you’re cutting the pipe straightly. If there is an uneven edge or rusty feel on the tubing, you must remove it. You can simply use a grinder to grind the pipe. Thus, you can get very smoother welding.

2. Clamp The Pipes

Once you’re done with the cutting, the second step is to clamp the pipes together. Get C-clamps and join the pipes together using them. C-clamps are ideal to hold two pieces together to make them ideal for welding.

Make sure you’re joining tubes the way you want them to weld. Hence the welding result will occur excellently.

3. SpotWeld

You can’t start your welding of a sudden. The best welding result comes out when you have the proper preparation. Otherwise, an interruption can damage the whole welding process.

So, you can spot weld first like the proper guideline to follow when you’re finally welding. This is how you can make sure there is no misleading in the welding. Spot welding secures the thin tubing from the high-level-temperature of the welding. Else, it also makes sure the pipe isn’t deforming from its place.

A user if want to bend down the pipe in the middle of welding, it can be down with spot welding too.

4. Weld The Tubing

This is the final stage to weld an exhaust pipe. You’re all ready to weld the tubing. Now, you’ve to make sure the whole tube is welding proof. Otherwise, the flames can burn the tubing.

Therefore, it’s time to apply welding on the tube. Now, you can fill the places where it needs to be welded. Make sure you’re filling properly and not leaving any gaps, so the welding will offer you long time assurance of the durability.

How To Weld With Stick Welding?

The most important thing to know is that the stick welding can’t support an exhaust pipe to weld so easily. It requires a lot of additional steps to accomplish it.

First of you’ve to choose the right rode like 6011 and any other rod which is very thin. And all the other steps are the same as we described above.


Exhaust pipes are the most sensitive thing to handle in a vehicle. It often gets damaged and needs to replace or repair frequently. Since exhaust pipes are thin and additional security should be given while you’re welding it.

You can also try TIG welding to weld an exhaust pipe. This is similar as we described in our step by step guideline.


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