10 Tips for Increasing Air Compressor Efficiency

increasing air compressor efficiency

Increasing air compressor efficiency is paramount, for it is key in powering vital tools. When air is fully compressed, it offers ultimate performance, especially when it comes to industrial use. Many industries make use of compressed air as a form of energy in running their operation. In the current state, air compressing efficiently is not just a tendency but a competitive way of saving energy costs.

Even in the field of construction, the right tools are required to get the job done. Having an air compressor for framing crew enables framing and roofing tasks to be accomplished. This also helps in minimizing operation and maintenance costs. The best part about increasing air compressor efficiency can improve the effectiveness of the whole air compressor system.Β 

10 Tips for Increasing Air Compressor Efficiency

You can increase air compressor efficiency by incorporating the following vital tips to have an air compressor for framing crew that is effective and efficient;

1. Carry out air leaks inspection

This is important because if there are air leaks, it means that your air compressor will not perform efficiently. What air leaks does is to cause pressure changes that end up affecting the whole production process. Now, you end up suffering from inflation of production costs. This can be avoided by ensuring that air leaks inspection is done at least yearly. That way, any air leaks can be detected early in advance and worked on.

2. Right air filter and inlet location

If you want to increase air compressor efficiency, you need to have the right air filter and inlet location. This way, cool air is allowed in meaning minimal power will be used in the production of line pressure. Make use of a proper air filter that has the right capacity for air intake. A compressor, on the other hand, can increase the duration of the filter changes and reduce load.

3. Over-pressurization

This should be avoided at all costs. It would be best if you always worked with the lowest operating pressure as long as it caters to your needs. Most industries can work with the pressure of up to 100 psi, while few industries require a little higher pressure.

Always monitor the consistency of your pressure gauges to ensure that your system does not get over-pressurized. Invest in inspect pressure regulators that will monitor air pressure to keep the entire system on the required standard pressure.

4. Improve air treatment efficiency

An air compressor is designed to produce dry air that is filtered to get rid of contaminants. You can choose to improve air treatment efficiency by investing in compressed air treatment equipment. That way, you end up doing away with excessive captured liquids from the system. This is a considerable energy-efficient measure that will reduce the wastage of compressed air.

You can also check the different types of air compressors: 80-gallon, 60-gallon, 30-gallon, or 12v air compressor.

5. Get rid of pressure drops

Most of the time, pressure drops happen when the compressed air moves to the point of use through the system from the compressor discharge. When this happens, the entire systems start using a lot of energy. Average pressure drops of around 10% are usually allowed; anything above that is considered a catastrophe. You can reduce pressure drops by making use of an actuator unit that prevents the drop of pressure amid an actuator and valve.

6. Clean air and oil filters

Air compressor efficiency is considerably affected by the filtration system. Having a clean filtration system is essential for it to ensures that there is a sufficient supply of oil and air. For your air compressor to have efficient air, it has to produce the required amount of air within the right volumes. That way, you will achieve a smooth operation of your entire system.

If you let filters be filled with dirt, this will cause pressure to drop, which is not good. Hence, ensure you need to regularly check air and oil filters to ensure that air quality is not affected.

7. Have a maintenance schedule

If you want to maximize air compressor efficiency, you have to work with a regular maintenance schedule. With the heavy usage that an air compressor is tasked with, you must have a maintenance plan that will ensure that your system keeps working correctly. A lot of factors can wear your entire system down, affecting air compression efficiency. Maintenance is necessary because it works on any faulty parts, and that is one way of increasing air compressor efficiency.

8. Match lubricants

For your air compressor to perform best, you have to match lubricants to conditions that go hand in hand with operating conditions. This will increase air compressor efficiency to a significant percentage. It is also vital that the proper lubricant feed rate is maintained. Don’t go for a feed rate that is too low for this can cause wear to the rings.

9. Energy recovery

Every time air is compressed, heat is increased. We can all agree on that. However, before this air is used at the end process, heat has to be done away with. This is where you need to add energy recovery so that the heat that is removed is saved in the end process. Energy recovery is paramount, especially in the manufacturing sector.

10. Minimize compressed air pressure

You must understand that air pressure consumes a lot of power when there is a high output of discharge pressure. Therefore, you have to work on a plan that lowers the compressed air pressure to increase efficiency. Ensure that your system does not supply surplus pressure, for this will make your air compressors take up excess power.

Final thoughts

To sum up, air compressor efficiency is achievable as long as you remember the tips that we have discussed. Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in improving your entire system. By doing this regularly, you increase air compressor efficiency.

Operating an air compressor for framing crew requires regular pressure regulation to achieve optimum results. What you should always bear in mind is running an air pressure within the regulated pressure that is the best way of increasing efficiency. Look for energy look for energy-saving chances that will not just improve air compressor efficiency, but also save you money at the end of the project at hand.

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