JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer

With a versatile and practical design, this jointer planer combo is the ultimate solution. It was specifically designed for small to medium workshops who want to save on space. Better yet, I guarantee that this machinery will leave you in awe. That’s regardless of whether you’re an advanced user or novice woodworker.

This is also the heaviest jointer planer combo I selected as it weighs roughly 500 pounds. This weight is mainly because it is designed using durable and thick materials. The planer beds are made of cast iron whereas the base stand is made of steel.

Jet JJP-12 boasts a compact design that will make it ideal for anyone who would like to save space in their workshop. You can also use the equipment for some of the most demanding woodworking projects. That is because it’s armed with a 3 Horsepower induction motor.

The only difference about this product is the fact it retails with a bridge style guard or European Style Blade Guard. This feature ensures that it will not pivot out of its way as you push the piece of wood through.

Pros and cons of JET JJP-12

  • Retails with a dust collection shroud
  • You do not need to remove the fence to change between the planning and jointing functions
  • Comes with a helical cutterhead
  • Boasts a parallelogram design that keeps the table close to the cutterhead
  • Nice build
  • Constructed using durable material
  • Quite heavier than most other models