NorthStar GX390 Air Compressor - best 30 gallon air compressors

This list would be incomplete without the NorthStar GX390 Air Compressor. For starters, the unit is belt driven and it also retails with a 2 stage pump that has been manufactured from cast iron. Do you execute considerably heavy duty jobs from time to time? If yes, then this is the highly recommended heavy duty air compressor you should get right away.

The unit also boasts a 30-gallon air compressor that the company has positioned in a horizontal manner in order to enhance its capacity.

There are other modifications that NorthStar included in this Unit in order to keep it cool and further enhance its performance. These modifications include:

  • Piston wrist pins to provide a higher pressure
  • An overlapping piston ring in order to maximize compression
  • The inclusion of an oversized flywheel

The bottom line is, NorthStar GX390 Air Compressor is a suitable and great appliance for all your heavy-duty needs.

  • Comes with a long warranty that assures you the company believes in this product
  • Designed from cast iron which improves durability
  • Delivers 175 PSI which is pretty amazing
  • Long lasting
  • User-friendly as it is easy to operate
  • Quite too heavy to lift off the ground
  • Expensive for most individuals