DeWalt DXCMV5076055 Two Stage Air Compressor - best 60 gallon air compressor

The Puma 60 gallon PK-6060V air compressor comprises a crankcase and a solid cast iron pump. Weighing at approximately 305 pounds, this is one of the heaviest air compressors that I tested and researched.

It is also a single stage compressor which is belt driven to ensure it is quiet during its operations. It also stands straight. Which implies that it will stand vertically in your workshop and save up a lot of space.

The 230-volt motor boasts an overload protection device. This is made to protect it from damage or overheating. Such accidents are caused by unexpected, voltage fluctuations.

  • Boasts a durable design
  • The motor is quite powerful
  • Will save space in your workshop as it stands straight
  • Includes a cast iron pump that is well lubricated to ensure high performance
  • Not as famous as the other models
  • Not so good for heavy duty operations