RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch Planer/Jointer

The Rikon 25-210 jointer planer combo boasts a cutterhead with a 2.5 diameter and knives that spin at a speed of up to 4,800 Rotations Per Minute. The cutterhead also delivers approximately 14,400 cuts each minute it spins.

The fence extrusion is designed using extremely strong aluminum. You can quickly tilt it to an angle of 45 degrees using the adjustable knob.

You can also easily remove the outfeed table to work on the flip levers. You’ll mostly have to do this as you change from the jointing mode to the planning mode. To remove the fence, quickly turn the spring operating lever.

The dimensions of the outfeed and infeed tables are both 19 ¾ inches.

I call the Rikon Power Tools 25-210H jointer planer my secret woodworking gem. It is an extremely powerful jointer planer combo and I’m confident it will be a suitable addition to any woodworking garage.

Pros and cons of Rikon 25-210H

  • It’s versatile as it permits you to perform a wide variety of projects easily
  • Retails with rubber outfeed rollers
  • Needs minimal adjustment
  • The tables are made of cast iron
  • Offers a decent feed speed rate of 23 feet per minute
  • The 4-row helical cutterhead offers a smooth finish
  • According to some previous buyers, the machine’s jointer table would not stay calibrated
  • Quite hard to move around because of its weight