Should You Buy or Rent Logging Equipment?

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Woodworking is a fantabulous job that many find themselves drawn to. If a joiner is experienced enough then it can be a good-paying profession. A woodworker always needs a set of equipment to process with the wood logs. There are various kinds of logging equipment that are used to slice the log into rough pieces so it can be processed further using the different types of saws.

Well, processing the wood comes in the later stage, and before that, you need logging tools so you can have the rough pieces of wood to work with. Many joiners become confused if they should rent or buy the logging equipment. Well, there is no same answer for everyone because whether you should rent or buy depends on various factors and your current situation for the budget.

For example, if you are a DIYer and you want a one-time logging job, then there is no benefit of buying those expensive logging tools. In this case, renting would be better if you can use the tools and return them. This also saves you space as in renting you don’t have to prepare a separate place for these tools storage.

Now, in another case where you are a professional and want to open your own joinery shop, you should consider buying the logging equipment. Because you can’t keep depositing the money, it would be costly because you have to use these tools almost every day in your business. So, that is how renting and buying depend on one’s usage frequency too.

Top 4 logging equipment you should consider in the arsenal

Log Splitters

Log splitters as the name implies is the tool that splits the wood logs and makes it ready to proceed further. There are various types of splitters, but the simple and most used one is a gas-powered log splitter. You can buy the one that cuts horizontally rather than vertically.


These are professional saws that slice off the wood into pieces and need better handling to avoid accidents. One must wear hand, eye, and ear protection while using a pro grade chainsaw. The cutting mechanism is performed using a chain that rotates through the wood. 90% of the professional logging chainsaws are used by logging crews.

Sawmills and Attachments

Sawmills are your usual chainsaws with a guide-like structure that slice the giant wood logs. The sawmill and attachments are used to produce the lumber that is the finished part of the wood log. With a sawmill, it comes easier to handle a giant log and give it a precise look.

Logging Tools

Joinery is not just about using the mechanical heavy-duty saws. It is also about other tools that are manual such as axes and mauls, logging hand tools, and wedges. All these tools play an important role in working the wood and give it the desired meaningful shape. So, other than all the fancy saws and machines, you should also buy some logging tools that you find useful.

Logging Equipment Near Me

Whether it is about buying or renting the logging equipment, some shops can be found nearby. Give it a Google search and you will stumble upon different suppliers who supply wood logs and tools. Also, if you are determined about buying these tools, you can use some online platforms that specifically sell joinery equipment and add-ons or you can rely on platforms like Amazon and order the saws and machinery that would support your joinery shop.

Logging Equipment Rental

It is recommended that you make a list of all the equipment and small tools that you are going to need. The best idea is to buy small tools and rent the bigger ones. Even if you are a DIYer or occasionally do the woodworking, the smaller tools will always be a helping hand. In case of equipment like chainsaws or any other kind of saws, it is best to rent them if you do not want to set up your shop as a joiner.

A chainsaw, for instance, charges you about $500 if you purchase it. So if you are going to use it just once or twice, it is best to rent it. Otherwise, purchase the saw because renting a chainsaw needs about $100 for once. But if you have a friend who is a joiner, you can try borrowing from him. This would give you an experience of how it feels to use a chainsaw, and if it is the right equipment for your joinery needs.


There is nothing wrong with renting or buying equipment regardless of the industry. Just do your calculations and recognize exactly how many times you are going to need specific equipment. This will directly help you to have a clear mind if renting is the right choice or you should go and buy it.

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