Top 10 Tools Every Do It Yourself Mechanic Needs

When you have an old jeep or your car is broken, and you need to do some restoring on it, it’s always better if you do it yourself and keep some basic mechanic tools, in your back seat. It’s always convenient to have some backup with you.

Moreover, you’ll find working on your car not only saves your money but also your time. Plus you’ll always have the confidence to fix things if anything goes wrong.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top tools every mechanic needs or should have. You can also check out some awesome tool at Tools Tract

Socket Set

socket set - one of the tools for diy

A socket set is a tool you’ll need the most while fixing your car. It has a lot of standard sized as well as tiny sized inch drivers and sockets. While buying a socket set, you need to make sure that it meets all your requirements.

A good set consists of both English and Metric sets. You’ll always need to have tools when you fix your car. Buying two or three tools won’t help you. The car has a lot of nuts and stuff so you’ll always need a different size to drivers and sockets.

So it’s better to invest more and buy a whole set instead of buying it piece by piece, it will also save your money and time in the long run.

Pliers and Wire cutters

Pliers and Wire cutters - tools for diyer

Pliers and wire cutters are used to cute wires, twist them and grab them. Whenever you wish to install something like stereo head unit or speakers or even when you wish to wire new headlights, you will need pliers of different sizes that do different tasks.

Pliers and wire cutters are not the same things. Needle nose pliers are used for precised items.

While channel lock pliers are used to remove something big such as pipe fittings. Each one of the pliers has a different purpose.

Dead Blow Mallet

Dead Blow Mallet

Many times dead blow mallet is the only solution you have when your bolts are stuck. Its job is to absorb all the shaking and to tremble that occurs when you a strike a hammer.

Dead blow mallet is a very useful tool. It prevents from damaging smooth surfaces, and it also improves the force of hammer with which it strikes. It is covered with In-molded poly, so it prevents metal surfaces from marring.


Screwdrivers - one of the tools for diy mechanic

Screwdrivers are considered to be the most useful and must-have tool. It is operated with hands, and it is used for turning screws. Whenever you feel like tightening or loosed a nut, you can use a screwdriver.

There are several different screws which are used to turn different nuts like there is flat head screwdriver, hexagon screwdriver, square screwdriver, and Philips screwdriver. It is always but to have a complete set of screw drivers.


socket set - one of the tools for diy

A wrench is a must-have tool and critical addition to any toolbox. It comes in a variety of styles for different applications.

Some are designed to work with standard Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) fasteners while some are for metric applications.

Make sure you get a good wrench that has a lifetime warranty and has a variety of both metric and SAE sizes.

There are many types of wrenches like:

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Pen Light

pen light - one of the tools for diy mechanic

The penlight is a small light in the shape of a pen. A penlight uses a small flashlight, also known as LED (Light Emitting Diode).

It is used to look at your throat or mouth, but it can be very helpful when you have to look into your car’s engine or open its bonnet. It’s always convenient to have a small penlight with you, which can help you a lot in mechanical work. Some of the brightest penlights are:

  • Stream light stylus pro penlight
  • Tactical pocket penlight
  • Coast rechargeable focusing penlight

Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches

Impact wrenches are mostly used for tightening or losing lug nuts on the car’s wheel. It is also known as an air gun, air wrench, impact gun, windy gun, rattle gun or torque gun.

If your tire has burst out and you need to quickly remove the rim to change the tire, then impact wrenches work best for you, as they can quickly lose a lug nut.

It is mostly used in races when people need to change tires in seconds.

Lubricants and Cleaners

Lubricants and Cleaners

Lubricating is very important if you want to protect the two metal surfaces that are touching each other while moving. It provides a coating that protects the metal.

Mechanical moving parts need proper cleaning and care. Otherwise, they will rust in no time. So you need a few liquid sprays to keep your vehicle clean.

Drip Pan

Drip Pan

You often notice fuel oils and fluid dripping off your car, so it’s important to have a drip pan or a piece of cardboard along with you. It will help you avoid stains in your garage. And changing oil would be much easier.

Work Light

work light

It is very common to work at night when you have no light at all. So you should keep work light with you all the time. Otherwise, you might lose your nuts and parts.

A good working light is very important for a successful result. It should be fully charged on standby.


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