VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor

Last, but by no means the least I introduce to you the VIAIR 300P. This air compressor’s magnetic motor can both deflate and inflate tires. It also boasts the ability to work with large tires of up to 33 inches. Normally, it takes one 3 to 5 mites for this 12v air compressor to inflate the largest tires.

In addition, the maximum PSI is 150.

A sand tray and also vibration isolators have also been built into this equipment. These are in place to ensure noise is controlled and you do not disturb your resting neighbors. These features also keep the compressor from moving side to side too much when you are using it.

When you acquire the product, you will also note that there is a thermal device that has been built into the appliance. This is in place in order to ensure that it does not overheat during use.

VIAIR 300P is also moisture and dust resistant. This permits you to make sure it will work properly in all weather conditions without failing you.

Let us not even touch on its powerful pressure levels. With this equipment in your car trunk, you can rest assured you can easily face any situation.

  • Retails with plenty of accessories
  • Compact and can fit in most car trunks
  • Durable so you can rest assured you won’t need a new one anytime soon
  • Comes to you with a storage case
  • Also boasts a nice warranty with a stellar support reputation
  • Nicely built
  • Won’t make noises when you are using it
  • Does not include an auto shut off feature
  • The pressure gauge is quite analog