WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Thickness Planer - best benchtop planer

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Chinese product’s stereotype out there. Where you’re advised against acquiring low quality, cheap, and imported Chinese products. That said, WEN 6550T clearly defies this widespread belief. It is one of the most affordable, yet best performing benchtop planer I have ever come across.

Better yet, it boasts great customer review and lots of 5 stars on Amazon. Just like the Dewalt I reviewed earlier, WEN 6550T is a 15 amp, 12.5” benchtop planer that you can adjust to plane up to 3/32” with each pass.

The motor delivers approximately 18,800 cuts per minute. This means it is not as efficient as the Dewalt. But of course, we expect that given the product’s huge price difference. WEN 6550T can accept lumber of up to 6” thick and 12.5” wide, and also includes a dust collection space that works well.

Pros and cons of WEN 6550T

  • Extremely affordable
  • Blades are cheap and easy to replace
  • Adjustable outfeed and infeed tables
  • Retails with a dust collection port
  • Delivers even surfaces
  • It’s quite loud
  • Not suited for hardwoods