5 Reasons Why You Should Own An Air Compressor

5 Reasons Why You Should Own An Air Compressor

Air compressors are mainly used to power up air tools. An air compressor can be helpful equipment for cleaning, nail guns, paint sprayers, breweries, etc.

Almost 70% of the industries and manufacturers are using air compressed systems. It is one of the most useful automotive tools that a professional worker could ever have.

Air compressors are useful in many cases, such as inflating tires or cleaning out dust, etc. A portable air compressor has the plus point of being able to carry anywhere you want and use it. Here are five reasons why you should own an air compressor.

Air Compressor is a Cool Tool

It’s a cool tool and you just need a little bit of effort to learn how to use it. First you need to know what gauge is then how to set up a line. The size and structure of the compressor you will need depends on the project. If you use your compressor for any sports item, filling cars or bicycle tires, and an air mattress then a small unit can fill your needs.

Air compression can be used for cleaning your home or office. For example, your office hallway carpets have plenty of dust in it. You can not get rid of it by a vacuum cleaner. For better time saving and cleaning you could consider a quiet air compressor. A good quiet compressor can be helpful to clean up. It also makes your wet carpet dry up instantly by blowing hot air.


Air compressors are very versatile in their use and a great tool to have in your home. From filling up your bike tires, to your car tires, and even the kids’ basketballs or an air mattress, air compressors can be very handy to have around the house. It can also help you decorate for parties by blowing up balloons and inflatable kids’ toys.  It can even help with cleaning and pressure washing.

DIY Auto Repairs

When you have your own air compressor you don’t need to worry about running to a mechanic and paying him for simple tasks.

An air compressor can help you to change fuel filters, install a new PCV valve, and can fix some simple parts of your car. You can also open or close clamps, fasten nuts, bolts, and belts that you can easily power by using the compressor. It might be a challenging task for beginners, but with practice you will get the hang of it.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Air compressors can quickly turn into powerful cleaning tolls with a few attachments.  You can attach a spray gun and your garden hose to turn the air compressor into a pressure washer. 

You can pressure wash your driveway, your gutters, and decks with an air compressor and a simple attachment.

Pressurized air can also help in cleaning dry dust and debris.  You can remove fallen leaves from your gutters using an air compressor.


Sandblasting is easier with an air compressor. It can remove rust from an old automobile. Rust occurs from oxidation when metal is exposed to the elements and moisture. It is quite natural for a car to have rust spots. You can use an air compressor to remove the rust before you put a coat of paint on the spot.


Tire inflating tools can’t work without an air compressor. It creates air pressure, which has a big role in inflating tires. Garages must have an air compressor for their businesses.  Around the house, you can use it to inflate tires and balloons for parties.

Making Spray Painting Breeze

Painting is often painful because of all the mess you need to handle. You need to have brushes, buckets, painting tape, and tarps. When you are finished you need to clean up all these messes while trying to avoid getting it on you. Spray painting can be faster and saves a lot of the hassle of painting. You can do it by using an air compressor attached to a spray gun and paint. Spray painting is quick and easy to do. The best part is, spray paint doesn’t require a great deal of clean up.

With spray painting guns you can paint your furniture, cabinets, and other small painting jobs. Your painting will look like a professional job, and your home will look good as new. All thanks to the convenient and time-saving air compressor.

More Power than Electrical Tool

Air-powered tools are generally more powerful than electrical tools. They are also less expensive and more accessible. So, that makes your air compressor a great handy equipment to power other tools.

With an air compressor, you can do heavy tasks simply like a wrench, drills, and other tasks without too much effort. Air tools are lighter too so it doesn’t strain your body either. The air compressor gives you full control of its power. So, you don’t need to worry about giving the wrong amount of pressure in a scenario. You can manage the amount of power necessary for the work.

As you can see there are many great reasons to own an air compressor. It is a very versatile and handy tool to have around your repair shop or even your home.  The right tools will help your project immensely, so be sure to get yourself a great air compressor before your next project.

You can check different types of air compressors before deciding which one is best for you: 12v, 30-gallon, 60-gallon, 80-gallon.

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